Reclaiming the Wilderness

A combination of ill health and pandemic lockdowns (with signage on the allotment gates telling us to “stay home” at one point) meant that my allotment didn’t get much attention over the last year. As a result, there was a lot of wilderness to reclaim in order to get the allotment back up to the […]

Not quite on the allotment

Looking back at my last post (November last year), it seems ridiculous what I’d planned for this year: Maybe next year I will actually be able to get on and work on those things I had planned for this year! Of course I wasn’t to know that this year would start with health problems meaning […]

A not so filled year of gardening

I set out with great intentions for the allotment this year: work on the allotment once each week get the second raised bed sorted (dug out, soil replaced, replanted) try growing different things this year …and I actually managed none of that. Various things kept cropping up which has meant I’ve not been able to […]

Six on Saturday – October 6th

The weather doesn’t seem to know if it should be late summer or early autumn – one minute it’s warm and sunny, the next it’s chilly & wet. But at least the wet means the allotment will benefit – I hope! Welcome to my Six on Saturday!

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