Six on Saturday – Feb 24th

Apologies for no Six on Saturday last week, but hopefully this week will make up for it!

 1. The broad beans seeds are in…. obviously no signs of growth yet, but they’re all cosied up, so hopefully it won’t be long before they start growing.

2. Strawberry Snow White (still not planted out from last year)… 

I’m not sure if these got caught by a frost, or if they’re meant to all now look like they’re browned off, but I might have to raise these pots up a little before the cold weather they’re forecasting for next week.

3. Strawberry runners (spares from the allotment last year)…

In contrast to the Snow White strawberries, these pots are at ground level and appear to be growing strongly. If they’re not needed to fill any gaps in the raised beds on the allotment, they’ll be donated to a local ‘pop-up garden’.

4. Another plant still waiting to head to the allotment is the Rosemary…

I’m planning on digging up some old lavender plants in the allotment flower section, and planting this Rosemary in amongst them – the herb section is possibly a little too shaded for it to thrive.

5. Ok, I’m kind of cheating with 5 and 6, seeing as they’re both potatoes! First up we have some of the Second Earlies (Maris Peer … or possibly Maris Piper), which have some really strong growth… 

6. …although the First Earlies (Pentland Javelin I think, going on the labels we added to the egg cartons) don’t seem to be progressing quite as quickly

3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Feb 24th”

  1. There’s something reassuring about seeing that your broad beans and spuds look exactly the same as mine. I keep seeing pictures of stuff that’s way ahead and wondering if I should get more sown.

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