Six on Saturday – March 3rd – a mixed bag

This week’s Six on Saturday is a real mixed bag… blame it on the weather!

  1. I finally got the nails hammered into the new raised bed, filled it with multipurpose compost and grit sand, and rigged up a net across it to stop the deer from trying to eat everything. In trying to dig up the grass around the chives, I accidentally dug the chive plant up as well, so I went on and moved it into the new bed now.
  2. The herb bed is a lot tidier than it was – I cut back most of the dead wood on the sage, mint and fennel, and cleared a lot of the fallen leaves away too. If I leave them all on the soil, that patch turns into a boggy mess if we get a lot of rain.
  3. Ok, it doesn’t look great still, but this is the flower section after we cleared away a lot of the dead wood & weeds. The pot in the centre has a mint growing in it – the idea of the bottomless pot is to try and contain the roots a little, so it won’t take over the entire plot.
  4.  Bad weather stopped play on Thursday and Friday with snow falling most of the day both days. I don’t think the daffodils in the garden quite know what to make of it all.
  5. Remember the spare strawberries from last week’s 6 on Saturday? This is how they looked as of Friday morning this week…

    I’m hoping the snow will act as an insulating blanket, and they won’t be getting too cold under there! But all the strawberries on the allotment will be similarly covered, as they weren’t fleeced.
  6. But there was one thing in the garden that looked happy to be covered in a snow ‘duvet’ – the little mole gnome sitting on the wall!

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4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – March 3rd – a mixed bag”

  1. Your mole gnome has a hat! I’m glad it’s not just our herb patch that looks a bit raggedy. I think it is probably just the nature of herbs, isn’t it?

    1. Certainly my herb patch never looks particularly startling (at least not at this time of year), but as long as the herbs grow as they should do, then it’s all good 🙂

  2. I’d recognise those strawberries anywhere. The mole, I’ve not seen before, but very glad to meet him. Mint is such a spreading wonder, isn’t it? I’ve had the same mob in the same pot for several years now, just feeding it & trimming it, not daring to let it into the garden. Looks like things are coming along in your allotment, despite the weather.

    1. Surprisingly the strawberries seemed to cope well with their blanket of snow!
      The mint started off as a small pot from the supermarket, but took over the herb patch (it broke through the pot that was meant to contain the roots!), so this is a piece cut from that, and replanted into what is hopefully a sturdier pot!

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