Six on Saturday – May 12th

It’s a strange combination for my  Six on Saturday this week – a mixture of harvest, flowers, tiny seedlings and a giant unknown “something-or-other”!

  1. First up, cabbages! A relative assured us they were ready for picking….

    but before you look at that photo and think “cor, that cabbage is huge!” that’s actually three together….

    that is one single cabbage!
  2. Next up is another mystery plant / weed…. I scattered wild flower seeds in this patch a few years ago, and that’s how we got the Teasel. But what on earth is the large bushy “thing” to the right of it?!
  3. Despite our lack of confidence in these seeds germinating, the Cucamelons are starting to peek through the soil…. maybe it’s not warm enough for them to be growing quickly (they’re in an unheated plastic covered grow house thing), so I might bring one into a heated area just to see what happens….

  4. The mint is taking over the universe…. well, the plot at least.


    All this is mint that I dug out from the flower patch (I haven’t tackled the herb patch yet) – I think I need to replace the pots it was growing in, as it’s obviously managed to break through them!

  5. My potato plants have browned on the ends – is this down to a lack of water, do you think?

  6. And finally, strawberries!

    We came across these at Homebase – the Snow White ones look really healthy & much more established than bare root runners I bought last autumn, so I decided to take the plunge to replace some of the ones that didn’t survive.


    Most of those are now in my new plastic raised bed (Snow White is in a different raised bed, along with my other ‘unusual’ strawberries), complete with a new framework & net to keep the deer off the berries. And of course a rogue chive plant which I obviously missed when I moved it to a different raised bed a couple of months ago.

    And the Just Add Cream are flowering like crazy, so I’m hopeful for a decent crop of strawberries from them!

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Post Author: Paddy

6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – May 12th


    (May 12, 2018 - 3:11 pm)

    Looks like we can all come round to yours when Wimbledon starts. Just add cream, heh!


      (May 12, 2018 - 5:33 pm)

      I will admit they did a good marketing ploy when they named that one – it sounded too tasty to not buy!


    (May 12, 2018 - 6:52 pm)

    Cabbage, mint and strawberries – sounds like an interesting smoothie blend!


      (May 19, 2018 - 9:39 am)

      hehe that would be a smoothie for someone a bit more adventurous than me!


    (May 16, 2018 - 5:39 pm)

    Spuds get hit by frost? Might be why they’ve gone brown. Well done on your cabbage, I’ve never grown a single good cabbage.


      (May 19, 2018 - 9:40 am)

      I didn’t think we’d had any frost, but the plot is quite exposed to north and easterly winds, so anything’s possible!
      The cabbage was so tough & leathery when it was cooked, I think we left them too late to pick (oops!)

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