Six on Saturday – June 2nd – flowers galore

Where did May go?! The start of meteorological Summer and it’s grey & dreary out there…. I guess that’s about right for a British Summer’s day though. Welcome to my  Floral Six on Saturday!

  1. Another Morrison’s supermarket bargain buy, this Bromeliad was past its ‘sell-by’ date, but still has plenty of flowers to come by the looks of it.

  2. I’ve bought lots of cacti over the years, most of which were sold as a Christmas Cactus. But looking at the leaves of most of my plants, and checking the RHS site and Wikipedia, it looks like these are actually Easter cacti (Hatiora gaertneri – although the cactus book I have lists it as Rhipsalidopsis) – the one solitary plant I have with pointy leaves and a different shaped flower (not currently in flower) is a Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera Truncata).

  3. Moving out into a relative’s garden, the roses are looking great despite the heavy rain we had this week – the bees certainly are appreciating the pollen.

  4. And while the insects are having fun on the plants, the local Blue Tits are having a lovely time eating the insects!

  5. While I was taking photos, the relative looked over my shoulder and pointed out her favourite view in the garden, saying “I like the colours”. So here’s the “purpley pinky plant” with another rose in the background!
who says you have to know the names of every plant?! ….although I reckon when she reads this blog post, she’ll immediately tell me what the plant is called


  • And last but by no means least, we have the resident Mole, who is currently looking after a trough of pansies. We did think maybe they were planted a little deep to be able to see (as the trough is raised up quite a bit), but they’ve grown tall enough to let them look over the sides.
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    4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – June 2nd – flowers galore”

      1. Well spotted – Mum looked at the photo this week and told me I should’ve recognised it as a geranium!

    1. You like the unusual house plants don’t you! The first rose is stunning – it’s called Penelope & flowers continuously for months. The pinky patch includes a stunning magenta flower that spreads. It’s a plant that goes well as a partner with roses as it forms a “skirt” around the stems at the base of the rose. It’s a cranesbill geranium & I love the vibrant colour. The rose at the back is one of David Austins. For some reason it makes me think of treacle & it’s nothing to do with the colour 🙂

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