Six on Saturday – June 30th – successes and failures

Back to the allotment this week for my Six on Saturday, with some successes and some utter failures!

  1. First up is a semi-success – I replanted a lot of my original strawberry plants, and unfortunately most haven’t survived. However, the new strawberry plants seem to be making up for it (Sweet Collossus and Just Add Cream have several runners).

    If only I could stop whatever’s eating a hole in the net getting in and pinching the strawberries before I can pick them!
  2. Next we have an annual semi-disaster, which resolves itself by the time these autumn fruiting raspberries are meant to bear fruit…
    Yes, that’s raspberry beetle grubs yet again 

    But looking at the raspberry jungle, I’m hopeful that once we get past summer fruiting season, the autumn fruits will be grub-free!

  3. Remember that mystery plant in my wild flower patch? I’m taking an educated guess that it’s some form of thistle!

  4. The celery’s been planted out, and looks like it’ll grow well – maybe it’s a bit hot for that to grow too much this week

  5. A complete disaster next, the Broad Beans had blackfly (Black Bean Aphid), Pea and Bean Weevil, Rust and Chocolate Spot… but that did give me a chance to write a blog post on it

  6. And to finish on a success, this is just part of the blackberry bush.

    I think I can safely say it approves of the support we made for it this year, as there’s shed loads of fruit forming!

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3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – June 30th – successes and failures”

  1. My broad beans didn’t get a single aphid or any of the other problems you had. They grew very well, to about three feet tall and had masses of flowers and eventually set about three pods per plant. And most of my autumn raspberries have just not come up this year. I hate the failures where there is no apparent reason for them.
    I think 3 is possibly common knapweed.

    1. That’s a shame with your raspberries 🙁 No failure is good, but the failures for no reason has to be the worst!

      Thanks – I thought it looked like a kind of thistle, but it didn’t seem to look like a true thistle to me!

  2. Wow, you’ve had some hurdles in your garden, but hopefully you’ll get some fruit in the end. Your poor broad beans . . . I’ve wondered if having an allotment in a community allotment area makes it harder to protect your plants from pests. You’re a bit dependent on your neighbours to keep things under control. On the plus, I would imagine there’s more self seeding volunteers to choose from.

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