Six on Saturday – July 21st – back to the allotment

Now the extra-hot weather has died down a little, it’s back to the allotment again for my Six on Saturday!

  1. I don’t know if it’s just down to the weather, or that we’ve got the blackberry on a support this year so it’s not trailing the ground…. but whatever the reason, we have loads of fruit this year!

    And so far, it looks like the deer have left it alone, so there’s no need to net it 🙂
  2. This is the first year I’ve tried growing cucamelons – the seeds germinated, but seemed to stop growing so we invested in a plant from the garden centre….

    We split that plant into two, so one piece is on the allotment and the other is in a pot in the garden. In the end, the seed-grown plants started growing again too (apparently that’s normal for them to pause growth if they’ve not got quite the right temperature or moisture).
    One of the plants grown from seed has died, but we still have one seed-grown plant left too,so that will be heading to the allotment tomorrow to join this one!
  3. I don’t know what happened with my “original” strawberry plants this year – I started out with about 40 plants across two raised beds….

    ….and now have about 10 left as the others have all died off. These were runners saved from previous years, so I wouldn’t have thought they would be ‘tired’ and in need of replacing just yet.
    In contrast, my “fancy strawberry bed” is proving more successful – Just Add Cream (which is meant to produce more fruit and less runners) is sending out runners, and Snow White has runners which have already rooted!  I’m hoping this will bode well for next summer!

  4. The gooseberry bush is a great success this year – whatever ate the berries from it last year seems to have left it alone, as we’ve had plenty to pick.

  5. Onto the peas and beans, and I think the peas have definitely gone over now….

    ….we did get plenty of peas from them though, so compared to other years I’d class that as a definite success!
    The runner beans have taken off like rockets – I think I need to take a stool with me to the allotment next, to reach the tops of the canes in order to nip the growing tips off!

  6. And to finish, how about a mini game of “spot the creature in the compost bin”? This Slow Worm was pretending to be a stick, so I’ve added in an arrow to make it easier to spot!

    They seem to like that particular compost bin – I’ve never spotted one in either of ourother bins.

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5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – July 21st – back to the allotment”

    1. I think I need to read up on how best to cook the gooseberries – the first batch just came out more like jelly, so I guess we did something wrong there o.O

  1. I really have fruit envy after reading this. My berries dried up on the wands, altho I tasted a dried one & they were really sweet. Be interested to see how the cucumelons fare, as this is my first year for them. They have lovely foliage, but not sure I like the fruit. And hurrah for Mr SlowWorm.

    1. Aww at the berries drying up – I’ve been really grateful that my allotment plot is so close to the water trough, otherwise it’d be a knackering job carting watering cans (we’re not meant to use hosepipes on the allotment site).
      So far I’ve got some flowers on the cucamelon in the garden (photo coming next week!), but I’ve never tried the fruit, so it’ll be interesting (if it fruits) to see what it tastes like!

      And after seeing your Slow worm previously, I had to include ours!

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