Six on Saturday – October 6th

The weather doesn’t seem to know if it should be late summer or early autumn – one minute it’s warm and sunny, the next it’s chilly & wet. But at least the wet means the allotment will benefit – I hope! Welcome to my Six on Saturday!

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Six on Saturday – August 25th

I don’t think the weather knows if it’s meant to still be summer, or if it’s autumn – at the moment it’s 14C and raining….
Anyhow, welcome to my Six on Saturday

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Six on Saturday – July 28th – Cucamelons

Ok, I will admit this is kind of bending the Six on Saturday rules – rather than 6 things in the garden at the moment, I’ve gone for 6 stages of cucamelons seeing as it’s the first year I’ve tried growing them.

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Six on Saturday – June 30th – successes and failures

Back to the allotment this week for my Six on Saturday, with some successes and some utter failures!

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Six on Saturday – June 16th – the Quiet Garden

Something a bit different for my Six on Saturday this week – we took a wander through a local Church’s ‘quiet garden’, so here’s six we spotted there (or at least there and on the walk back home!).

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