Six on Saturday – July 28th

Ok, I will admit this is kind of bending the Six on Saturday rules – rather than 6 things in the garden at the moment, I’ve gone for 6 stages of cucamelons seeing as it’s the first year I’ve tried growing them.

  1. We started off buying some Cucamelon seeds from Chiltern Seeds

    Unknown to us, the seedlings will go through periods of growth, then stop for a while.
  2. Frustrated with the lack of growth from the seedlings, we decided to ‘cheat’ and buy a Cucamelon plant.

  3. The ‘cheating Cucamelon’ was split – one plant from the pot went down to the allotment, and the other was put in a pot in the garden. The 6′ canes seemed excessive given the size of the plant initially, but it’s now taller than the canes!

  4. A relative offered to tie the cucamelon to the canes, but with these long tendrils there’s no real need – I nudged the stem towards the cane and it just seemed to latch on easily.

  5. We have flowers!

    (followed by a “quick take a picture before they fall off” comment from a sceptical friend!)
    ….and quite a few cucamelons forming now as well!  They’re not big enough to harvest yet, but it’ll be interesting to see what they’re like.

  6. And of course now the ‘cheating Cucamelon’ is getting on so well, the seedling is growing strongly (although it’s got a long way to go before it reached the height of the ‘cheating Cucamelon’. This one will be put into a larger pot this week hopefully.(it had actually wrapped itself around the watering can…. that’ll teach me to not get the plant supports sorted out!)

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