Six on Saturday – March 17th

So much for it getting closer to spring – they forecast snow for tomorrow, and we’ve already had some snowfall this morning (although it did melt as it hit the ground). Nevertheless it’s still Saturday, so here’s my plan(t)s for the allotment, plus a rogue 6th picture for myย Six on Saturday.

  1. I’d been toying with the idea of digging up some of the older lavender plants on the allotment for a while. They haven’t been looking at their best for a while, and ended up as a mostly tangled knot of dead-looking wood. So here’s the first replacement plant for that bit…. Lemon Thyme. According to the plant label it grows to 45cm tall, so if it doesn’t look like it’ll work to replace the lavender, it might end up near the rhubarb to act as a bit of ground cover.

  2. This Oregano is also destined to replace the lavender. I’ve never actually used any of the herbs I grow in cookery – maybe this year it’s a good reason to find out how to use them, and what they would go best with!
  3. There’s also some (even older!) lavender behind the seat on the allotment, and that part of the plot tends to get overlooked most years. As an experiment, I bought these Hurst Green Shaft peas to plant there instead, to see if that works out any better.

  4. Last year I bought some White Lisbon spring onions, planted them in the raised bed, and they all got nobbled by something (slugs and snails maybe?)…. it shouldn’t have been the deer unless they managed to press down on the netting to make the onion tips poke through! But this year I’m determined to try them again, so this is a strip of spring onions from Homebase, which will be going into the newest raised bed with the chives (suitably spaced, so I don’t get in a muddle with what green growth is what!).
  5. Each year I think “I’ll grow sweet peas from seed next year” and I never do…. and this year is no exception! It’s earlier in the year than I’ve bought the plants before, but I was just attracted to the name and colour of this variety.
  6. Ok, I admit my 6th photo isn’t actually one in my garden at the moment. I spotted this Nolina Beaucarnea in Homebase yesterday, but there were no instructions on how to care for it. Rather than buy it then discover that it’s too picky to be a success, I thought I’d just take a photo, research it, then head back next week to buy it!
    Apparently it’s a Ponytail Palm (also known as Elephant’s Foot), and the bulb-like bit at the base actually stores water. It’s slow growing, but looking at photos of mature plants, I think it would fit well with my quirky houseplants, so we’re planning a return visit to the store soon in order to get one!

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11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – March 17th”

    1. I do have two lavender plants still, but maybe (just maybe) a new little lavender plant might insist on making it’s home on the plot

  1. ‘Blueberry Pie’ looks yum! This is the first year I haven’t grown sweet peas, and am starting to regret it. Though it will just make me appreciate them all the more next year. Fresh herbs are fab – liven up your cooking so much. I think you can use lemon thyme in biscuits and cakes, which sounds very intriguing…

    1. We always end up with sweet peas, just because my Grandad always had sweet peas growing alongside his runner beans to attract the pollinating insects…. well, that and the fact that my Mum likes the sweet peas as cut flowers in the kitchen.
      Now that is an interesting through – I’ll have to look into that (lemon thyme in biscuits sounds strangely appealing!) ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It was one of those ideas we had when we first got the allotment plot – “let’s grow some herbs there, that’ll smell nice and fill up a space” ๐Ÿ˜›
      Putting herb fennel next to the compost bin was a good plan as that gives a waft of aniseed instead of the pong of whatever is currently rotting in the bin when you take the lid off!

  2. That lemon thyme looks nice – bet it would go well with some fish, or maybe in an egg dish if youโ€™re veggie (or beans if youโ€™re vegan?)

  3. I hope you use the herbs in your cooking, but even if you don’t, your idea of having them to smell is great. Nothing like walking past rosemary or basil or oregano, rubbing your fingers across them & taking the smell w/you. Love herbs. Let us know what happens to them later in the year.

    1. *nods* the only trouble is once you’ve rubbed your fingers across multiple herbs and have a strange combination of all the smells with you for a while! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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