Six on Saturday – June 9th – flowers and peas

The weather doesn’t seem to be able to decide if it’s going to be warm & sunny, or fresher and drizzle, but so far today it looks sunny – let’s hope it stays that way! Welcome to my  Six on Saturday!

  1. First up, one of my “unknown” plants on the allotment. Several years ago I scattered wild flower seed (labelled “British Wildflower Mix”) in this patch, and this year we have this plant growing…. it’s quite tall, but shorter than the Teasel.

  2. Some of the second early potatoes are in flower – the first earlies are growing quite well considering their lack of chitting progress, but I have a feeling some of the second earlies might be ready first!

  3. Moving on to the herb patch, the sage is flowering away – I was considering cutting the flowers off, but after seeing just how many bees were collecting pollen, the flowers have had a reprieve!

  4. Just Add Cream is next – while those strawberries look small (in fact they’re smaller than the ones from my original plants), they’re said to be particularly tasty…. just need to wait a day or two for these to be ready & we’ll find out!

  5. We’ve never had a particular success with growing peas before, but this year I planted some in a partly shaded area of the plot…
    …I think we can safely say the peas approved of the partial shade!
  6. An unusual photo to finish, but a classic one from an afternoon on the plot.    

    One bag of rubbish ready to carry home…. if only the wheelbarrow wasn’t currently out of action, it would be a lot easier to get it back home!

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10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – June 9th – flowers and peas”

  1. Love the classic shot at the end. I can hardly believe you have peas already. We were very late planting ours so they are only 6″ high.

    1. I will admit I kind of cheated with the peas – I bought them as seedlings from Homebase! They aren’t quite ready to pick yet – hopefully another week or so, and they’ll be big enough.

  2. Hooray for success with peas! It will be interesting to see what flowers bloom on your #1 from the mix of seeds. I’ll check back!

    1. I’m still amazed they liked growing in partial shade…. although that could explain why the previous ones we grew from seed (and planted in a very sunny spot) didn’t thrive.

    1. I feel much the same with the bag of rubbish, but Dad (who gets the job of carrying any bags back and emptying the bags into the council garden waste bin) isn’t quite so enthusiastic!

    1. They were definitely more of a success than the spring onion plants I bought at the same time – I had about 30 spring onions to start with, and when I looked on Sunday there were two remaining o.O

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