Not quite on the allotment

Looking back at my last post (November last year), it seems ridiculous what I’d planned for this year:

Maybe next year I will actually be able to get on and work on those things I had planned for this year!

Of course I wasn’t to know that this year would start with health problems meaning I haven’t set foot outside the house since early December. Of course then in late March we had lockdown because of “the virus” as well – we were still allowed to go to the allotment, but even if I was going out, I really wasn’t keen to be around people!

So as last year, all the work on the allotment so far this year has been done by my “allotment helper”. He’s a novice when it comes to the raised beds (that’s usually my domain), but this week we had our first ripe strawberry, so things can’t be too terrible!