Back to the plot

Strictly speaking the fennel shouldn’t be in the flower section, but seems quite happy there! We don’t actually use the fennel for anything, but it is nice to brush against it to get the aroma before opening the compost bin!

No flowers yet on the nasturtiums, but they’re looking nice and health.

Next year’s fruiting growth on the blackberry is looking particularly good. Hopefully that’ll lead to plenty of fruit!

I’m still not too sure what this odd growth is on the gooseberry, or if I should cut back the affected branch or not….

The rest of the gooseberry is looking healthy though, so maybe it’s not anything to be concerned about?

Up to shaded herb corner, which is looking a lot better since I cleared a lot of the weeds and grass from the base of the plants. It’s almost impossible to clear all of it though.

Originally I had three mint plants in this area (you can just make out the rim of one of the pots I’d used to try and contain the mint roots). I guess it’s a waiting game now to see if any mint plants actually remain, having cleared the weeds & overgrown grass from this section.

An atmospheric shot of the raspberries, just for something different.

I planted the rosemary and didn’t do anything with it at all…. but it hasn’t minded, and it particularly tall now!

The top raised bed is a little more under control, although I do want to concentrate on getting more runners saved from these, so I can add to my strawberries for next year.