Snowy start to February

My original plan was to get to the allotment over the weekend. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas, with snow falling from 19:30 on Thursday, through to about eleven Friday morning.

Still, if I couldn’t get to the allotment, at least I could take some photos of the snow in the garden – from indoors of course! Welcome to my Six Snowy Scenes on Saturday!

First up, the snow looks like it’s climbing up the leg of the chair (please excuse the bar across the centre of that photo as that’s a reflection of something indoors):

As usual, the Berberis looks great with a covering of snow. It still seems strange to see flowers on something that has a snowy ‘hat’ though:

The rabbit ornament looks surprisingly happy with his snowy blanket:

I don’t think any birds will want to use the bird bath though – or if they did, there’s a lot of snow to get through first!

With the way the snow was blowing, it stuck to the fence, making a very strange sight:

And finally, I wanted to try and get a photo (or ten) of the snow that was stuck in the spider’s web on the window. Once it stopped waving about in the wind, I finally got the photo I was after:

They’re forecasting warmer weather for Sunday night and all the coming week, so hopefully that means I’ll be able to check up on the allotment (and redo the fleece over the cabbages, as no doubt that will be in pieces after the wind & snow).

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Six Stages of Wheelbarrow Renovation

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Six on Saturday – October 6th

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Six on Saturday – August 25th

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Anyhow, welcome to my Six on Saturday

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